YouTube Video of Conference Session on Open Science

Earlier this month, the Psychonomic Society meetings held a session on Open Science.  The session was recorded and is available on YouTube (click here).  It consisted of four presentations.
— “The Peer Reviewers’ Openness Initiative” by RICHARD MOREY of Cardiff University (1:11)
— “The Availability of Psychological Research Data” by WOLF VANPAEMEL of KU Leuven (23:20)
— “On Knowing How the Sausage is Made” by ROLF ZWAAN of Erasmus University Rotterdam (43:50)
— “The Dark Side of Open Science: Weaponizing Transparency” by STEPHAN LEWANDOWSKY (1:01:23)
The times at which the talks appear in the video are given in parentheses above.  The last talk makes a number of arguments that caution that data sharing may not be an unambiguously good thing. All of the talks are interesting and recommended.  But, then again, TRN may be a little biased.



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