POV: Registered Reports Versus Results-Free Peer Reviews

The main difference between “registered reports” and “results-free peer reviews” is timing of data analysis.  With registered reports, plans are registered and reviewed before data are collected and analyzed.  With results-free peer reviews, everything is completed, but the reviewers are…

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How to Fix the “Reproducibility Crisis”? Three Solutions

[From the article “The science ‘reproducibility crisis’ — and what can be done about it” from the website] “Reproducibility is the idea that an experiment can be repeated by another scientist and they will get the same result. It is…

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The Journal Nature Human Behaviour Announces Registered Reports Policy

[From the home page of the journal Nature Human Behaviour] “Authors who wish to publish their work with us have the option of a registered report. With this format, acceptance in principle happens before the research outcomes are known. As a…

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