Tales from the (Economics) Crypt

Recently, ANDREW GELMAN blogged about a communication he received from Per Pettersson-Lidbom, an economist at Stockholm University. Petterson shared three stories of “scientific fraud” in papers published in top economics journals.  Gelman writes, “… I’m sharing Pettersson’s stories, neither endorsing nor disputing their particulars but as an example of how criticisms in scholarly research just hang in the air, unresolved. Scientific journals are set up to promote discoveries, not to handle corrections.”  To read Gelman’s blog, click here.
(WARNING: Conflict of interest ahead!) TRN notes that two economics journals are worth highlighting in this context.  Public Finance Review and Economics – The Open Access, Open Assessment E-Journal have replication sections that publish both positive and negative replications of studies.  To read more about their replication policies, click on the immediately preceding links.  

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