Podcast on “The Replication Crisis”

On August 6th at a conference held at Berkeley (Effective Altruism Global 2016), four panellists discussed “The Replication Crisis”: Brian Nosek, Stuart Buck, Ivan Oransky, and Stephanie Wykstra (moderator = Julia Galef).  Some of the questions addressed were: 
— Is failure to replicate a growing problem? Or just a problem that is now being discovered?
— While psychology has received the most attention, is lack of replicability a problem in other disciplines?
— How much of the replication crisis is due to the behavior of researchers (e.g. p-hacking, well-meaning but subjective choices about how to statistically address a question), versus how much is due to practices of journals (e.g., only publishing significant results)
— How can the incentives in academic disciplines be changed to encourage reproducibility?
The podcast is about an hour long and gives insight into the thinking of some key figures in the reproducibility movement.  To watch the podcast, click here.

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