On the Reproducibility Crisis in….Microbiology?

From obscure to ubiquitous, the reproducibility crisis is now headline news everywhere.  In a blog by American Society of Microbiology (ASM) CEO Stefano Bertuzzi entitled, “ASM Addresses the Reproducibility Crisis in New Academy Report”, 6 areas were highlighted for “restoring rigor to scientific practice”:
  1. The primacy of rigorous evaluation criteria to recognize and reward high-quality scientific research
  2. The importance of training in appropriate statistical approaches and in general
  3. The need for open data as the cornerstone for the scientific enterprise
  4. The elimination of publication bias by encouraging the publication of negative results
  5. The establishment of common criteria among journals for retraction criteria to ensure consistency and transparency
  6. The need for strengthening integrity oversight and training
 In addition, Bertuzzi speaks of the importance of replication, “A core concept in scientific research is the ability to replicate empirical results,” though he does not mention the importance of encouraging the publication of replication studies.  All excellent points. American Economic Association, wherefore art thou?  To read more, click here.

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