IN THE NEWS: The Guardian (September 21, 2016)

[From the article “Cut-throat academia leads to natural selection of bad science, claims study”, which reports on a scientific study by authors Paul Smaldino and Richard McElreath ] “Sociology, economics, climate science and ecology are other areas likely to be vulnerable to the propagation of bad practice, according to Smaldino. “My impression is that, to some extent, the combination of studying very complex systems with a dearth of formal mathematical theory creates good conditions for low reproducibility,” he said. “This doesn’t require anyone to actively game the system or violate any ethical standards. Competition for limited resources – in this case jobs and funding – will do all the work.” Drawing parallels with Darwin’s classic theory of evolution, Smaldino claims that various forms of bad scientific practice flourish in the academic world, much like hardy germs that thwart extermination in real life.  To read more, click here


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