How Many Carrots Can Brian Wansink Eat?

[From the article “Introducing SPRITE (and the Case of the Carthorse Child)” by James Heathers at the website Hackernoon] “So, if you’re reading this, you’ve probably heard about the recent trouble with a rash of papers from the Cornell Food and Brand Lab. If you haven’t, well, you have some catching up to do. Popular accounts are here (Slate), here (New York Magazine) and here (Andrew Gelman); the problems with specific papers are outlined here (the central pre-print) and here; responses are given or linked here and hereOh, and now — since yesterday — there’s this. To sum it up quickly: the work from this lab is under a great deal of serious scrutiny at present. There are irregularities present in several papers which are very difficult to explain. But push all that onto the sideboard for now, because we’re going to talk about carrots.”
Besides being a nice summary of the controversies surrounding Brian Wansink and the Cornell Food and Brand Lab, this article features a description of the statistical app SPRITE, which looks very interesting.  Oh, and the article is very funny. To read more, click here.

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