The Peer Reviewers’ Openness Initiative (Part 2): Get the App!

Tom Hardwicke, a post-doctoral research fellow at the Meta-Research Innovation Center (METRICS) at Stanford, has written an app to collect and summarize reviewers’ experiences with encouraging data transparency when they review for journals.  Hardwicke describes his app as follows:
“The PRO Initiative (PRO-I) is a unique grassroots effort to promote open research, and your experiences as a PRO-I reviewer will contain a rich body of information about the barriers you face, the successes you achieve, and the effectiveness of the initiative as a whole. We want to try and capture as much of that information as possible.”
“With this in mind, we have built The PRO-I Reviewing App – a simple web interface where you can quickly compose your PRO-I reviews using an interactive checklist. The checklist dynamically updates to ensure that you are only asked the minimum number of questions needed to establish whether a manuscript meets the PRO-I criteria or not. We hope that the app will save you time by making the reviewing process more efficient.”
“You can also record author and editor reactions to your reviews, helping us to identify areas where additional efforts to promote open research may be needed, such as researcher training.”
“Head over to the app to find out more and give it a go:

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