AEA Journals Looking for a Data Editor

[From the website of the American Economic Association.]
“The American Economic Association seeks nominations for a new Data Editor to design and oversee its journals’ strategy for curating research data and promoting reproducible research.” …
“The duties of the Data Editor will be to:
— Design, in collaboration with the AEA journal editors and the AEA Executive Committee, a comprehensive strategy for archiving and promoting the curation of data and code that guarantees to the extent possible reproducibility of research and addresses the challenges above.
— Determine the staff and computing resources necessary to implement the strategy.
— Oversee the hiring of staff and implementation of the new policy.”
“The Data Editor must be an established leader in quantitative research, with a PhD in economics, data science or a related field and extensive experience relevant to the duties above. Ideally, the editor would have both editorial experience and research experience with government administrative, commercial or other proprietary data. We expect that the Data Editor will retain their current affiliation, and that the time required for this position will be broadly similar to that of other Editor and Co-Editor positions at AEA journals. The Editor will report to the AEA Executive Committee.”
To learn more about this position, click here.

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