LEBEL: Curate Science – 2017 Year in Review and Upcoming Plans for 2018

Curate Science (CurateScience.org) is an online platform to track, organize, and interpret replications of published findings in the social sciences, with a current focus on the psychology literature.
We had a very productive year in 2017. Here are some highlights of our accomplishments:
– With N=1,008 replications, we became (to our knowledge) the world’s largest database of curated replications in the social sciences, covering all replications from the Reproducibility Project: Psychology, Many Labs 1 and 3, the Social Psychology special issue, and Registered Replication Reports 1 through 6).
– Several new major features, most important one being a new searchable (and sortable) table of curated replications. One can search by topic, effect, keyword, method used and can sort by sample size and effect size (for both original and replication studies), and many more fields. Curated study characteristics include links to PDFs, open/public data, open/public materials, pre-registered/registered protocols, IVs, DVs, replication type, replication differences, replication active sample evidence, and links to a replication’s associated evidence collection (when available).
– Several important feature improvements (e.g., an improved replication taxonomy and replication outcome categories, each with improved diagrams; improved articulation of our goals and value of curating and tracking replications; see our about section)
– New and expanded curation framework outlined in a manuscript submitted to Advances in Methods and Practices in Psychological Science (which received a “revise & resubmit” on November 13, 2017)
– New partnerships with not-for-profit organizations Meta-Lab and IGDORE (see announcement)
– New collaboration with the Psychological Science Accelerator (see announcement)
– Submitted/involved in two large grants (outcome to be known in January-February 2018) and we have initiated several new public and not-for-profit grant application opportunities.
– And much more (see here for a list of all of our 2017 announcements; go here to sign up to receive our newsletter)!
Upcoming plans for 2018:
– Continue seeking additional grants to expand our curation capacities (paid curators) and implement our next round of new major features (next point).
– Finalize designs and implement next round of major features currently in development: (1) meta-analyze selected replications, (2) enhanced visualization of complex designs, (3) curating and visualizing multiple outcomes, and (4) public crowdsourcing and replication alerts (see our current developments section for more details).
– Continue development of our two main future directions: (1) analytic reproducibility endorsements and (2) curate and search open/public components for any study (not just replications; see our future directions section for more details).
It’s been a great year for Curate Science, here’s to an even better one in 2018!
Etienne LeBel is an independent meta-scientist affiliated with the University of Western Ontario. Dr. LeBel was awarded a 2015 Leamer-Rosenthal Prize in the Emerging Researcher category for his leadership founding and directing Curate Science, an online platform to curate, track, and interpret replications of published findings in the social sciences and PsychDisclosure.org, a grassroots transparency initiative that contributed to raising reporting standards at leading journals in psychology.

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