Another Economics Journal To Publish Replication Studies

[From the article “Replication Studies” by David McMillan, Senior Editor of the journal Cogent Economics & Finance]
Cogent Economics & Finance recognises the importance of replication studies. As an indicator of this importance, we now welcome research papers that focus on replication and whose ultimate acceptance depends on the accuracy and thoroughness of the work rather than seeking a “new” result. Cogent Economics & Finance has introduced a new replication studies article type that can be selected upon submission. We hope this will foster a great appreciation of replication studies and their significance, a stronger culture of verification, validity and robustness checking and an encouragement to authors to engage with such work, debate and discuss the best approaches to replication work and understand that an outlet for work of this kind exists.”
To read more, click here.
To see an updated list of economics journals that state that they publish replication studies, click here.

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