To Improve Reproducibility, You Should Talk to Your…Librarian?

[From a guest blog entitled “What To Do About The Reproducibility Crisis” by Letisha Wyatt, posted at]
“Late in my biomedical science graduate training, I learned that researchers often overlook the fundamental processes of adequately preparing data and all associated components (e.g., methods, analysis procedures) for access and preservation. This applies both inside or outside of their workgroups. In my opinion, this fundamental step of preservation has a big role in scientific reproducibility.”
“Ideally, data is FAIR-TLC: findable, accessible, interoperable, reusable, traceable, licensed, and connected. Scientists can learn much (as well as receive support) from librarians on how to best plan and execute FAIR-TLC principles, to better serve reproducible research.”
“Additionally, librarians can also be champions of change through less direct avenues, such as:”
– “Building awareness about the reproducibility crisis”
– “Finding and highlighting useful resources on reproducibility”
– “Defining policies about institutional data management”
– “Advocating for trainee information and data literacy needs”
– “Fostering programming and similar communities”
To read more, click here.


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