MENCLOVA: SURE Journal Is Now Open For Submissions!

Is the topic of your paper interesting, your data appropriate and your analysis carefully done – but your results are not “sexy”? If so, please consider submitting your paper to the Series of Unsurprising Results in Economics. SURE is an e-journal of high-quality research with “unsurprising”/confirmatory findings.
This is how it works:
– We accept papers from all fields of Economics…
– Which have been rejected at a journal indexed in EconLit…
– With the ONLY important reason being that their results are statistically insignificant or otherwise “unsurprising”.
SURE is an open-access journal and there are no submission charges.
SURE benefits readers by:
– Mitigating the publication bias and thus complementing other journals in an effort to provide a complete account of the state of affairs;
– Serving as a repository of potential (and tentative) “dead ends” in Economics research.
SURE benefits writers by:
– Providing an outlet for interesting, high-quality, but “risky” (in terms of uncertain results) research projects;
– Decreasing incentives to data-mine, change theories and hypotheses ex post or exclusively focus on provocative topics.
We hope you will consider SURE as an outlet for your work and look forward to hearing from you!
To learn more about SURE, click here.
SURE Editorial board
Karen S. Conway (University of New Hampshire), Hope Corman (Rider University), John Gibson (University of Waikato), David Giles (University of Victoria), John Landon-Lane (Rutgers University), Nicholas Mangee (Georgia Southern University), Andrea K. Menclova (University of Canterbury), W. Robert Reed (University of Canterbury), Steven Stillman (Free University of Bozen-Bolzano), Edinaldo Tebaldi (World Bank), Robert S. Woodward (University of New Hampshire)

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