Oh No! Not Zebra Finches Too!

[From the article, “Replication Failures Highlight Biases in Ecology and Evolution Science” by Yao-Hua Law, published at http://www.the-scientist.com] 
“As robust efforts fail to reproduce findings of influential zebra finch studies from the 1980s, scientists discuss ways to reduce bias in such research.”
“…Available data suggest that questionable research practices are common enough in ecology and evolution research to warrant concern. Last month, Hannah Fraser, an ecologist at University of Melbourne, and colleagues surveyed more than 800 ecologists and evolutionary biologists and found that many of the researchers—mostly midcareer and senior—admitted to at least one instance of selective reporting (64 percent), use of the flexible stopping rule (42 percent), or having changed hypotheses to fit their results (51 percent).”
To read more, click here.

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