Journal of Economics, Race, and Policy Announces a Special Replication Issue

[From the “Call for a special issue of the Journal of Economics, Race, and Policy”]
“The Journal of Economics, Race, and Policy (JERP) has a commitment to publishing high-quality, replication research.  Accordingly, we are making a call for a special issue of replication studies of important research of economic outcomes of both public and private sector market forces on groups distinguished by racial, tribal, ethnic, gender, and linguistic differences.”
“Many papers on race/gender/ethnicity/etc, over the years, have drawn a great deal of attention because they were ground breaking. However, many have also drawn scrutiny due to perceived poor analysis, questionable data, or outright fraud.”
“This special issue will be dedicated to Positive (or validating) replications, Negative (unable to reproduce) replications, and Negative (able to reproduce but find the results are not robust) replications.”
“We strongly urge academic economists, sociologists, political scientists, statisticians, and graduate students beginning their research careers to undertake replication experiments. This special issue will be an excellent opportunity.”
“If you would like to be the guest editor or contribute to the special issue … contact me [Gary Hoover, Editor-in-Chief] for more information.”
Information about the journal can be found here. The editor can be contacted at


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