Free Webinar on Pre-Registation by the Center for Open Science

[From an email sent by Claire Riss, Communications and Outreach Coordinator for the Center for Open Science]
“The Center for Open Science is conducting a webinar entitled The What, Why, and How of Preregistration on January 21 at 10 am Eastern Time (US and Canada).”

“…preregistration can substantially mitigate uncertainty and fundamental human error in research, such as hindsight bias. But there are still many questions as to its appropriateness across studies and impact on discovery.”

“The COS staff looks forward to diving deeper during the webinar into the practical preregistration workflow on the OSF and the long-term implications for improving science through preregistration. In addition, all attendees will have the opportunity to get their specific questions answered during a Q&A.”

“…we hope to see you there at this important conversation. Take a moment to register for the webinar here.

“Will you share the webinar registration page with anyone in your community that may benefit from this conversation? Thank you on behalf of the COS team.”

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