No Respect for Replication Even on the Big Bang Theory

[Excerpts taken from the transcript to Series 2, Episode 15 of the Big Bang Theory – “The Maternal Capacitance”]
LEONARD’S MOTHER: Leonard, it’s one o’clock, weren’t you going to show me your laboratory at one o’clock?
LEONARD: There’s no hurry, Mother…
LEONARD’S MOTHER: But it’s one o’clock, you were going to show me your laboratory at one o’clock.
SHELDON: Her reasoning is unassailable. It is one o’clock.
LEONARD: Fine. Let’s go. I think you’ll find my work pretty interesting. I’m attempting to replicate the dark matter signal found in sodium iodide crystals by the Italians.
LEONARD’S MOTHER: So, no original research?
LEONARD’S MOTHER: Well, what’s the point of my seeing it? I could just read the paper the Italians wrote.
To read the full transcript, click here.

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