FAFF: International Society of Pitching Research for Responsible Science

What is the International Society of Pitching Research for Responsible Science (InSPiR2eS) research network?

InSPiR2eS is a globally-facing research network primarily aimed at research training and capacity building, resting on a foundation theme of responsible science.

As measures of its success, the network succeeds if (beyond what we would have otherwise achieved) it inspires:

– responsible research – i.e., research that produces new knowledge that is credible, useful & independent.

– productive research collaboration & partnerships – locally, regionally & globally.

– a collective sense of purpose and achievement towards the whole research process.

Importantly, the network aims to inclusively embrace like-minded university researchers centred on the multi-faceted utility provided by the “Pitching Research” framework, as a natural enabler of responsible science. 

The network alliance is a fully “opt in” organisational structure. Through the very act of joining the network, each member will abide by an appropriate Code of Conduct (under development), including: privacy, confidentiality, communication and notional IP relating to research ideas.

Why create InSPiR2eS?

The underlying premise for creating InSPiR2eS is to facilitate an efficient co-ordinated sharing of relevant research information and resources for the mutual benefit of all participants – whether this occurs through the inputs, processes or outputs linked to our research endeavours. More generally, while the enabling focus is on the Pitching Research framework, the network can offer its members a global outreach for their research efforts – in new and novel ways.

For example, actively engaging the network could spawn new research teams and projects, or other international initiatives and alliances. While such positive outcomes could “just happen” anyway, absent creating a new network – which is hardly novel, the network could e.g., experiment with a “shark tank” type webinar event in which some members pitch for new project collaborators. Exploiting the power of a strong alliance, the network can deliver highly leveraged outcomes compared to what is possible when we act alone – as isolated “sole traders”.

Who are the members of InSPiR2eS?

Professor Robert Faff (Bond University), as the network initiator, is the network convenor and President of InSPiR2eS. Currently, the network has more than 500 founding Ambassadors, Members and Associate Members already signed up representing 73 countries/ jurisdictions: Australia, Pakistan, China, Canada, New Zealand, Vietnam, Brazil, Nigeria, Germany, Indonesia, the Netherlands, England, Kenya, Romania, Poland, Mauritius, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Italy, Spain, India, Scotland, Singapore, Japan; Norway; Ireland; the US; Malaysia; Chile; Turkey; Wales; Serbia; Belgium; Thailand; France; South Africa; Switzerland; Croatia; Czech Republic; Hong Kong; Taiwan; Macau; South Korea; Greece; Ukraine; Ghana; Slovenia; Austria; Cyprus; Uganda; Namibia; Portugal; Tanzania; Fiji; Saudi Arabia; Estonia; Iceland; Egypt; Mongolia; Lithuania; Slovakia; Finland; Sweden; Ecuador; Israel; Hungary; UAE; North Cyprus; Mozambique; Philippines; Nepal; Argentina; Malta.

How will InSPiR2eS operate?

Phase 1: Network setup and initial information exchange.

To begin with, we will rely (mostly) on email communication. We will establish an e-newsletter – to provide engaging and organised information exchange. Dr Searat Ali (University of Wollongong) has agreed to be the inaugural Editor of the InSPiR2eS e-Newsletter (in his role as VP – Communications). 

Phase 2: Establishing interactive network engagement.

Live webinar Zoom sessions will be offered on topics linked to the network Mission. These sessions would be recorded and freely accessible from an InSPiR2eS “Resource Library”. Initially, these sessions will be presented by the network leader, but over time others in the network would be welcome to offer sessions – especially, if the topics are of a general nature aiming for research training/capacity building (rather than a research seminar on their latest paper). These webinars would be open to all, irrespective of whether they are network members or not – including network members, as well as to their students, their research collaborators and any other invited associated researcher in their networks.

The inaugural network webinar will broadly address the core theme of “responsible science”, and this material will serve as a beacon against which all network activities will be offered. Subsequent webinar topics might include the following modules:

– A Basic Primer on Pitching Research.

– Using Pitching Research as a Reverse Engineering Tool.

– Advanced Guidelines on applying the Pitching Research Framework.

– Pitching Research for Engagement & Impact.

– Pitching Research as a Tool for Responsible Science.

– Pitching Research as a Tool for Replications.

– Pitching Research as a Tool for Pre-registration.

– Pitching Research for Diagnostic use in Writing.

– Roundtable Panels – e.g., discussing issues related to “responsible science”, etc.

Phase 3: Longer-term, post-COVID network initiatives.

Downstream network initiatives will include the creation of a “one-stop shop” network website. And, once COVID is behind us, we will explore some in-person events like:

– a conference or symposium.

– “shark tank” event(s), either themed on “pitching research for finding collaborators” or “pitching research to journal editors”.

– initiatives/ special projects/ network events suggested and/or co-ordinated by network members.

When will InSPiR2eS content activity begin?

Release of the inaugural edition of the e-Newsletter will be a signature activity  and we are aiming for this to be ready later in May, 2021. Zoom webinars, will also start soon – we are aiming for a network opening event in June 2021. Please keep an eye for publicity on this event soon.

How do I join the InSPiR2eS research network?

If you are interested in joining the InSPiR2eS research network and engaging in its upcoming rich program of webinars, workshops and research resources, then register at the following Google Docs link (click here). In locations where Google is problematic, click here.

Robert Faff is Professor of Finance at Bond University. He is Network Convenor & President of InSPiR2eS. Professor Faff can be contacted at rfaff@bond.edu.au.


[1] In part, the idea of the network itself is inspired by the community for Responsible Research in Business and Management that released a position paper in 2017, in which they outline a vision for the year 2030 “… of a future in which business schools and scholars worldwide have successfully transformed their research toward responsible science, producing useful and credible knowledge that addresses problems important to business and society.”

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