FEATURED RESEARCH: Find Published Articles That Can Be Reproduced in Stata

Even papers for which data and code are available are not always easy to replicate (see, for example, Chang & Li, 2022). So when looking for a replicable paper for your class, you might need to try several papers before you find one that is actually replicable and hence can be used in class  for a replication exercise.

To make your life easier, Sebastian Kranz has made a ShinyApp that automatically checks Stata code and data to compute the percentage of commands that run without error. An example is given below. Note particularly Article 5 where it says “Stata reproduction 84%”. This tells you that you are able to reproduce most of the results in the paper, which makes it a good candidate to give to your students for replication.

If you have better things to do than search through thousands of articles, you can focus your search by title and abstract keywords (see below)-

To search for articles, click here.

To read more about Sebastian Kranz’s ShinyApp, click here.


Andrew C. Chang and Phillip Li (2022), “Is Economics Research Replicable? Sixty Published Papers From Thirteen Journals Say “Often Not””, Critical Finance Review: Vol. 11: No. 1, pp 185-206.

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