BRODEUR: Launching the Institute for Replication (I4R)

Replication is key to the credibility and confidence in research findings. As falsification checks of past evidence, replication efforts contribute in essential ways to the production of scientific knowledge. They allow us to assess which findings are robust, making science…

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Big Changes in Reproducibility Policies by the American Economic Association

[Excerpts taken from an email sent out by the American Economic Association to its members on July 16, 2019] “On July 10, 2019, the Association adopted an updated Data and Code Availability Policy, which can be found at The…

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Update from the AEA Data Editor on Replication and Reproducibility

[From the presentation slides on “Replication and Reproducibility in Social Sciences and Statistics: Context, Concerns, and Concrete Measures” by Lars Vilhuber, AEA Data Editor, presented at the 2019 Western Economics Association International meetings] NOTE: Just so there is no misunderstanding,…

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