CAMPBELL: Is the AER Replicable? And is it Robust? Evidence from a Class Project

As part of a major replication and robustness project of articles in the American Economic Review, this fall I assigned students in my Masters Macro course at the New Economic School (Moscow) to replicate and test robustness for Macro papers…

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Famous AER Article on Racial Discrimination Fails to Replicate. Why?

In his blog Data Colada, URI SIMONSON offers an hypothesis why a recent paper in the AER, Deming, Yuchtman, Abulafi, Goldin, & Katz (2016), failed to replicate Bertrand & Mullainathan’s (2004) famous paper on racial discrimination in labor markets.  The latter study focused on callback…

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(REPOST FROM JOHN COCHRANE’S BLOG, THE GRUMPY ECONOMIST) On replication in economics. Just in time for bar-room discussions at the annual meetings. “I have a truly marvelous demonstration of this proposition which this margin is too narrow to contain.”   –Fermat…

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