Replications Can Lessen the Pressure To Get It Right the First Time — And That Can Be a Good Thing

[From the blog “(back to basics:) How is statistics relevant to scientific discovery?” by Andrew Gelman, posted at Statistical Modeling, Causal Inference, and Social Science] “If we are discouraged from criticizing published work—or if our criticism elicits pushback and attacks…

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To Criticize? Or Not to Criticize? That is Not the Question

A very nice and balanced discussion of the issues involved in criticizing other researchers’ work on social media can be found in the article “How Should We Talk About Amy Cuddy, Death Threats, and the Replication Crisis?” by Jesse Singal…

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Andrew Gelman Asks, Does Criticizing Bad Research Do More Harm Than Good?

In a recent post at his blogsite, Statistical Modeling, Causal inference, and Social Science, Andrew Gelman asks whether his recent criticisms on statistical grounds of a prominent researcher’s experiments on healthy eating are doing more harm than good. The researcher, Brian Wansink, is John…

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