DID, IV, RCT, and RDD: Which Method Is Most Prone to Selective Publication and p-Hacking?

[From the working paper, “Methods Matter: P-Hacking and Causal Inference in Economics” by Abel Brodeur, Nikolai Cook, and Anthony Heyes] “…Applying multiple methods to 13,440 hypothesis tests reported in 25 top economics journals in 2015, we show that selective publication and p-hacking is…

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P-Values Between 0.01 and 0.10 Are a Problem?

[From the blog, “The uncanny mountain: p-values between .01 and .10 are still a problem” by Julia Rohrer, posted at The 100% CI] “Study 1: In line with our hypothesis, …, p = 0.03.” “Study 2: As expected, … p =…

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