How Could This Happen?

[From the article “A Waste of 1,000 Research Papers” by Ed Yong, published in The Atlantic] “In 1996, a group of European researchers found that a certain gene, called SLC6A4, might influence a person’s risk of depression. It was a blockbuster discovery at…

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Two More Findings from Psychology Fail to Replicate

[From the article, “A Worrying Trend for Psychology’s ‘Simple Little Tricks’” from The Atlantic magazine] “In yet another setback for the field, researchers have failed to replicate two studies showing that basic techniques can reduce racial achievement gaps and improve voter…

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IN THE NEWS: The Atlantic (19 February 2016)

(FROM THE ARTICLE “Psychology’s Replication Crisis Has a Silver Lining”) The author, a prominent professor of psychology at Yale University, argues that not all is gloom and doom.  Some failures to replicate are due to noise swamping signal.  Other failures to replicate…

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