Deadline Extended for BITSS Transparency and Reproducibility Workshop

The Berkeley Institute for Transparency in the Social Sciences (BITSS) is extending the application deadline for its Transparency and Reproducibility workshop to April 8th.  The workshop runs from June 8-10th and is taught by an impressive set scholars: Edward Miguel (Introduction); Tom Stanley (Meta-Analysis Methods and Application); Justin Kitzes (Git + GitHub); Maya Petersen, Fiona Burlig, and Sean Tanner (Pre-Registration and Pre-Analysis Plans); Sean Grant (Disclosure Guidelines); Jesse Rothstein (Replication); Cyrus Dioun (Reproducible Workflow); Leif Nelson (P-Hacking); Daniele Fanelli (Scientific Misconduct). [From the BITSS website] “The workshop is designed for researchers across the social science spectrum, from economics to political science, psychology, and other related disciplines. Ideal candidates include: (i) graduate or post-graduate students (ii) junior faculty, (iii) staff from research organizations interested in using these methods, and (iv) journal editors or research funders curious about the implications for their work. Diversity in terms of background and academic discipline is encouraged.” The workshop charges no tuition fees.  To learn more, click here.

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