The Solution to Where to Publish Insignificant Results: Author-Pay, Open Access Journals?

While everybody recognizes the problem, there seems to be little consensus about a solution.  The problem is: Where to publish insignificant research results?  Journals are understandably loathe to publish studies that do not report statistically significant findings.  But when all, or most, journals follow this policy, publication bias arises, and the journals cease to provide a representative sampling of the population of research findings.  In a recent opinion piece for Chemical & Engineering News, Stephen Curry, professor of structural biology at Imperial College London, suggests a solution: author-pay, open access journals.  Yes, there are issues with ensuring quality.  Yes, the author-pay model raises concern about “vanity press” science. But there are workarounds for these problems.  And when you’re living in a third-best world (or worse), maybe second-best isn’t so bad.  To read more, click here

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