BITSS Announces 10 Recipients for This Year’s Leamer-Rosenthal Prizes for Open Social Science

[From the website of the Berkeley Institute of Transparency in the Social Sciences — BITSS] The ten recipients are:
— “Dr. ERIC-JAN WAGENMAKERS, Professor of Mathematical Psychology at the University of Amsterdam and widely recognized pioneer in promoting reproducible research”
— “Dr. LORENA BARBA, Associate Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at George Washington University and creator of the lauded online course on numerical methods in scientific computing”
— “Dr. ZACHARIE TSALA DIMBUENE, a researcher at the African Population and Health Research Center (APHRC) in Kenya. Dr. Tsala Dimbuene led a transparency workshop as a BITSS Catalyst at the University of Kinshasa, and is advancing open science training efforts in francophone Africa.”
— “Dr. ABEL BRODEUR, Assistant Professor of Economics at the University of Ottawa, well-known for co-authoring “Star Wars: The Empirics Strike Back,” an analysis of p-value misallocation in economics”
— “Dr. FELIX SCHÖNBRODT, a post-doctoral researcher at Ludwig-Maximillians-Universität in Munich and leader in developing transparency and data sharing standards for psychologists”
— “Dr. ELAINE TOOMEY, a post-doctoral researcher at the National University of Ireland Galway focused on implementation fidelity in the health sciences”
— “Dr. GRAEME BLAIR, Assistant Professor of Political Science at UCLA and co-creator of DeclareDesign, a suite of research design evaluation software”
— “BETH BARIBAULT, a doctoral student in the Cognitive Sciences at UC Irvine whose research represents extraordinary dedication to transparency and replicability”
— “MICHÈLE NUIJTEN of Tilburg University and Dr. SACHA EPSKAMP of the University of Amsterdam whose development of statcheck has attracted attention from Nature
To read more about the awards, click here.

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