Another Session on Reproducibility at the 2017 ASSA Meetings

TRN previously posted about two sessions on replication at the 2017 ASSA meetings. In what may be a sign of changing times, the American Economic Association is sponsoring a third session on this topic. The session, “Meta-Analysis and Reproducibility in Economics Research”, is chaired by Ted Miguel and features research by John Ioannides, Tom Stanley, Chris Doucouliagos, and several SSMART grant recipients associated with the Berkeley Institute for Transparency in the Social Sciences (BITTS). Four papers will be presented:
— How Often Should We Believe Positive Results?
— External Validity in United States Education Research
— Aggregating Distributional Treatment Effects: A Bayesian Hierarchical Analysis of the Microcredit Literature
—  Why Economics is Weak and Biased
For more information about the session, including links to download the papers, click here.


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