If the American Statistical Association Warns About p-Values, and Nobody Hears It, Does It Make a Sound?

[From the article, “The ASA’s p-value statement, one year on”, which appeared in the online journal Significance, a publication of the American Statistical Association]
“A little over a year ago now, in March 2016, the American Statistical Association (ASA) took the unprecedented step of issuing a public warning about a statistical method. …From clinical trials to epidemiology, educational research to economics, p-values have long been used to back claims for the discovery of real effects amid noisy data. By serving as the acid test of “statistical significance”, they have underpinned decisions made by everyone from family doctors to governments. Yet according to the ASA’s statement, p-values and significance testing are routinely misunderstood and misused, resulting in “insights” which are more likely to be meaningless flukes. … Yet a year on, it is not clear that the ASA’s statement has had any substantive effect at all.”
To read more, click here.


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