FYI: ScienceOpen Has a Collection of Papers on How to Fix the Replicability Crisis

ScienceOpen has a collection entitled: “Remedies to the Reproducibility Crisis”.  The collection is introduced thusly:
“Psychology, Medicine, Neuroscience and many other research fields, are facing a serious reproducibility crisis, that is, most of the findings published in peer-review journals, independently from their prestige, are not replicable. This collection aims at offering all remedies suggested to fix this problem.”
The collection currently consists of 24 articles on topics such as:
– “A manifesto for reproducibile science” (Munafo et al.)
– Scientific Standards: Promoting an open research culture (Nosek et al.)
– “The New Statistics: why and how” (Cumming)
– “Badges to acknowledge open practices: A simple, low-cost, effective method for increasing transparency” (Kidwell, et al.)
– “Calculating and reporting effect sizes to facilitate cumulative science” (Lakens)
– “The Peer Reviewers’ Openess Initiative: incentivizing open research practices through peer review” (Morey, et al.)
– “The influence of journal submission guidelines on authors’ reporting of statistics and use of open research practices” (Giofre et al.)
– “On the reproducibility of meta-analyses: six practical recommendations” (Lakens, Hilgard, and Staaks)
– “Equivalence Tests” (Lakens)
– “An agenda for purely confirmatory research” (Wagenmakers et al.)
– And more.
To see the collection and read more, click here.

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