IN THE NEWS: Buzzfeed (April 4, 2018)

[From the article, “Hundreds of Researchers Are Trying to Replicate High-Profile Psychology Studies” by Stephanie M. Lee in Buzzfeed]
“More than 400 psychologists worldwide are teaming up to fight a looming problem in their field: headline-making research that doesn’t hold up.”
“As part of a new network called the Psychological Science Accelerator, the researchers are trying to fix the so-called replication crisis that’s punctured splashy findings, from Diederik Stapel’s fabricated claims that messy environments lead to discrimination, to Brian Wansink’s retracted studies about eating behavior. …”
“So at the Accelerator, scientists will select a handful of influential studies, attempt to redo them, and share their results with the public, whether or not they’re able to reproduce the original finding.”
“The Accelerator grew out of a blog post that Chartier, an associate psychology professor at Ashland University in Ohio, penned last year. It isn’t the first effort of its kind. In 2015, the Center for Open Science’s Reproducibility Project sought to replicate 100 psychology experiments — and reproduced less than half of the original findings.”
“But while the Reproducibility Project sought to provide an overview of the field, the Accelerator is assigning many researchers to verify just a couple studies.”
To read more, click here.

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