Journal of Economic Psychology Calls for Papers for Special Replication Issue

[From the website of the Journal of Economic Psychology announcing a special issue on “Replications in Economic Psychology and Behavioral Economics”]
“In this special issue, we aim to contribute to ongoing efforts in both disciplines to test the replicability of important findings, but also to tackle theoretical questions such as how to improve replicability, how to conduct proper replications, and how to decide which studies should be replicated in the first place. As such, we invite both empirical and theoretical contributions. Regarding empirical contributions to the special issue, we invite replications of previous findings relevant for economic psychology and/or behavioral or experimental economics. We invite two formats of replication studies: classic submissions based on already existing data and submissions of registered reports. Likewise, we invite two types of theoretical contributions: classic submissions of full manuscripts as well as brief proposals of planned theoretical contributions.”
To read more, click here.

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