Researchers Really Want to Share Their Data. Really?

[From the White paper, “Practical Challenges for Researchers in Data Sharing”, posted at]
“In one of the largest surveys of researchers about research data (with over 7,700 respondents), Springer Nature finds widespread data sharing associated with published works and a desire from researchers that their data are discoverable.….63% of respondents stated that they generally submit data files as supplementary information, deposit the files in a repository, or both. 76% of researchers rated the importance of making their data discoverable highly – with an average rating of 7.3 out of 10 and the most popular rating being 10 out of 10 (25%). “
“The results suggest two areas of focus that could increase the sharing of data amongst researchers, regardless of subject specialism or location:”
–“Increased education and support on good data management for all researchers, but particularly at early stages of researcher’s careers.” 
–“Faster, easier routes to optimal ways of sharing data.” 
To read more, click here.
NOTE FROM TRN: Anybody else surprised by how keen researchers say they are to share their data? Doesn’t seem to be true in my disciplinary neighborhood.

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