Researchers Really Want to Share Their Data. Really?

[From the White paper, “Practical Challenges for Researchers in Data Sharing”, posted at] “In one of the largest surveys of researchers about research data (with over 7,700 respondents), Springer Nature finds widespread data sharing associated with published works and…

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A Painful (but Hilarious) Look at Data Availability and Reuse

[From the website, The Scholarly Kitchen] “Data availability and re-usability starts with best practices in collecting and storing data in the first place. The exasperatingly funny video below shows what happens when those best practices are ignored, something that’s much more…

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[THIS BLOG ORIGINALLY APPEARED ON THE BITSS WEBSITE]  As advocates for open data, my colleagues and I often point to re-use of data for further research as a major benefit of data-sharing. In fact there are many cases in which…

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