Science Can Get Us Out of the Reproducibility Crisis (But How?)

[From the blog post, “Can We Science Our Way out of the Reproducibility Crisis?” by Hilda Bastian at PLOS Blogs]
“Many studies are so thin on details, they’re unverifiable, unusable, or both. Many are too small, badly designed, or otherwise unreliable – and then the results are misinterpreted, the validity exaggerated. Many aren’t published, especially if the results aren’t favorable. It’s the scale of these problems, compounding over the years, that constitutes a reproducibility crisis.”
“Weak science, harmful policies, and counterproductive work practices burrowed us into this hole. It’s all fueled by unexamined assumptions, cherry-picked data, and anecdote-driven beliefs – and even the way we discuss and try to tackle non-reproducibility can be like that. It’s the opposite of the way scientists are meant to approach the world.”
“We need to science our way through this – not just with more rigorous methods in research and reporting it, but with evidence-based policies and evaluation as well.”
To read more, click here.

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