A Unified Framework for Quantifying Scientific Credibility?

[From the abstract of the paper, “A Unified Framework to Quantify the Credibility of Scientific Findings”, by Etienne LeBel, Randy McCarthy, Brian Earp, Malte Elson, and Wolf Vanpaemel, published in the journal, Advances in Methods and Practices in Psychological Science]
“…we outline a unified framework for estimating the credibility of published research by examining four fundamental falsifiability-related dimensions: (a) transparency of the methods and data, (b) reproducibility of the results when the same data-processing and analytic decisions are reapplied, (c) robustness of the results to different data-processing and analytic decisions, and (d) replicability of the effect. This framework includes a standardized workflow in which the degree to which a finding has survived scrutiny is quantified along these four facets of credibility. The framework is demonstrated by applying it to published replications in the psychology literature. Finally, we outline a Web implementation of the framework and conclude by encouraging the community of researchers to contribute to the development and crowdsourcing of this platform.”
To read more, click here.

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