RANDALL & WELSER: On the Irreproducibility Crisis of Modern Science

[This post is based on the report,  “The Irreproducibility Crisis of Modern Science: Causes, Consequences and the Road to Reform”, recently published by the National Association of Scholars] For more than a decade, and especially since the publication of a…

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Not Everybody Thinks the Emphasis on Reproducibility is a Good Thing

[From the article “Reproducible research: a minority opinion” by Chris Drummond, published in the Journal of Experimental & Theoretical Artificial Intelligence.] “Reproducible research, a growing movement within many scientific fields, including machine learning, would require the code, used to generate…

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Is the R-Factor the Answer?

In a recent working paper (“Science with no fiction: measuring the veracity of  scientific reports by citation analysis”), Peter Grabitz, Yuri Lazebnik,  Josh Nicholson, and Sean Rife suggest that one solution to the “crisis” in scientific credibility is publication of an article’s…

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