Don’t Think of Them as Students. Think of Them As Potential Pre-Registration Replicators.

[From the Research page of Gilad Feldman’s website.]
“In 2016, following recent developments in psychological science (the so called “replication crisis”) and gaining my academic independence, I decided to make serious changes to my research agenda to prioritize pre-registered replications and focus on the realm of judgment and decision making. I felt like I needed to revisit the research findings I once took for granted and re-establish the foundations on which I hope  to build my research. I therefore decided that all my mentoring work with students will involve pre-registered replications, to examine the classics in the field. I chose to focus my efforts on judgment and decision making, because I felt that this literature has some of the strongest most established effects in the realm of psychology, with fairly simple and transparent research designs.”
“… This page aims to summarize the findings from my replication attempts so far.”
To read more, click here.

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