JOB AD: Center for Open Science Looking for Someone With Economics Background

[From a Twitter post by Center for Open Science]
“COS [Center for Open Science] has been awarded a 3-year grant for an upcoming replication project, and we are seeking someone with an economics background for our Project Coordinator position. Perfect for recent BA or MA!”
“… COS is undertaking a project (to be announced) to automate and validate methods for assessing credibility of research claims in the social-behavioral sciences.  COS will (1) create a large, enriched dataset of claims and evidence, (2) advance the efficiency and scalability of gathering that data, and (3) conduct replications and reproductions of a sample of the claims to test the accuracy of confidence scores generated by partners.  The project is expected to run from January 2019 to December 2021.”
“Two Project Coordinators will support the Project Managers in selecting eligible social-behavioral science studies from the sampling frame, vetting and coding claims for eligibility for reproduction or replication, coding datasets, gathering materials for studies, developing study preregistrations, determining study awards for replication teams, managing a portfolio of partner individuals and teams conducting replication (new data) or reproduction (same data) studies, and rigorously documenting the process to maximize reproducibility. This work requires effective communication, attention to detail, effective documentation skills, and comfort with research methods, social-behavioral science literature, and managing many research practices on a variety of topics simultaneously.”
To read more about the position, click here.

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