Want to Retire Significance Testing? Sign the Petition. Deadline is Tomorrow!

[From the blog ““Abandon / Retire Statistical Significance”: Your chance to sign a petition!” by Andrew Gelman, posted at StatsBlogs]
“Valentin Amrhein, Sander Greenland, and Blake McShane write:”
“We have a forthcoming comment in Nature arguing that it is time to abandon statistical significance. The comment serves to introduce a new special issue of The American Statistician on “Statistical inference in the 21st century: A world beyond P < 0.05”. It is titled “Retire Statistical Significance”—a theme of many of the papers in the special issue including the editorial introduction—and it focuses on the absurdities generated by so-called ‘proofs of the null’.”
“Nature has asked us to recruit “co-signatories” for the comment … and we think readers of your blog would be interested. If so, we would be delighted to send a draft to interested parties for signature . Please request a copy at retire.significance2019@gmail.com and we will send it (Nature has a very strict embargo policy so please explicitly indicate you will keep it to yourself) or, if you already agree with the message, please just sign here. The timeline is tight so we need endorsements by Mar 8…”
“I signed the form myself! I like their paper and agree with all of it, with just a few minor issues.”
To read more, click here.

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