GRUNOW: Update on IREE – the First and Only Journal Dedicated to Replications in Economics

IREE (the International Journal for Re-Views in Empirical Economics) was launched in September 2017, supported by our prestigious board of academic advisors: Sir Angus Deaton, Richard Easterlin, and Jeffrey Wooldridge. It is the first, and, to date, only journal solely dedicated to publishing replication studies in Economics. As we take stock of where we currently are, I want to take this opportunity to provide an update, and to talk about four areas that will be crucial for IREE’s growth in the future: financing, publications, submissions, and the editorial board.
Financing of IREE
We currently live in a time of major upheaval in academic publishing. Plan S and Project DEAL represent major challenges to the “big publisher/closed access” model that has dominated academic publishing. IREE is part of a new movement in academic publishing that emphasizes open access. All of our content is available online, free of charge, and authors are not charged a submission fee. This is in keeping with the philosophy of “Open Science”, which fits naturally with our focus on replication.
So who pays our bills? Funding of IREE is provided by the Joachim Herz Foundation and the ZBW – Leibniz Information Centre for Economics. While the funding has allowed us to get this far, we are currently seeking to strengthen our foundation of financial support by building a consortium of supporting institutions including  universities, central banks, research institutes and libraries from all over the world. To do that, we need to establish a solid track record of publishing high quality and important replication studies. This brings us to our next category.
Publications in IREE
We have been pleased with the quality of the replication studies we have published to date. Our list of published studies include replications of research that has appeared in the American Economic Review, the Quarterly Journal of Economics, the American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, the Review of Economics and Statistics, the Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, and other prestigious journals. Publications in IREE are distributed via EconStor, RePEc, and the ReplicationWiki. You can check out our publications here.
Submissions to IREE
Quality submissions are the lifeblood of the journal, and the key to us securing future funding. We need the quality replication studies to keep coming in. While we are always pleased to receive submissions from prominent, established researchers, we are also happy to receive submissions from post-graduate students and early career researchers.
Many PhD programs have students perform replications as part of their graduate coursework and empirical training. These should consider IREE as a publication outlet. Our quick review times and online publishing means that it is possible for students to have their work published and “in print” by the time they enter the job market, helping to establish their research record.
A distinctive feature of IREE is that we publish quality replications regardless of the outcome. There are other journals that publish replication studies, but oftentimes they will only publish a replication if it is overturns the results of an original study. For example, the American Economic Review has published many replication studies, but all of their replications disconfirm the original studies. IREE will publish a replication study even if the results of that analysis support the findings of the original research.
IREE specializes in the following areas: Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Experiments, and Finance/Management/Business Administration. We also accept replication studies from adjacent disciplines that are closely related to economics. Please check out our Aims and Scope.
Editorial Board of IREE
Along with our growth has come some changes in our editorial board. Hilmar Schneider and Gert G. Wagner, who both helped to found IREE, have since left. Many thanks to both! Martina Grunow and Joachim Wagner are now supported by the new editors Maren Duvendack and Christian Pfeifer. Furthermore, we are very grateful for the active, critical and enthusiastic help from our great co-editors (see here).
In conclusion, please consider supporting open science and replication in economics by submitting your replication research to IREE. Further, if you have colleagues and students who have done replication research, please encourage them to submit their work to IREE.
Follow IREE on Twitter: @IreeJournal.
Dr. Martina Grunow is Managing Editor of the International Journal for Re-Views in Empirical Economics (IREE) and is an associate researcher at the Canadian Centre for Health Economics (CCHE). She can be contacted by email at



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