ROODMAN: Hookworms and Malaria and Replications, Oh My!

About 10 years ago, the economist Hoyt Bleakley published two important papers on the impact of health on wealth—more precisely, on the long-term economic impacts of large-scale disease eradication campaigns. In the Quarterly Journal of Economics, “Disease and Development: Evidence…

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GRUNOW: Say Hello to IREE – A New Economics Journal Dedicated to the Publishing of Replication Studies

Replications are pivotal for the credibility of empirical economics. Evidence-based policy requires findings that are robust and reproducible. Despite this, there has been a notable absence of serious effort to establish the reliability of empirical research in economics. As Edward…

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GRUNOW: Notes from a Workshop: “Replications in Empirical Economics – Ways Out of the Crisis”

“Next year, this topic should not be discussed in a pre-conference workshop but in the opening plenum of the conference!” This statement by a young researcher not only concluded the workshop but also gave bright prospects to replications in Economics….

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