Calling All Replicators in Economics, Finance, and Management! Consider IREE as an Outlet for your Replication Studies!

FYI! The International Journal for Re-Views in Empirical Economics (IREE) publishes reproductions and replication studies in economics and management.
IREE is a young journal, started in 2017. Richard Easterlin and Jeffrey Wooldridge serve on the journal’s Advisory Board. It has already attracted prestigious authors including David Roodman, Joachin Wagner, David Jaeger, Theodore Joyce, Robert Kaestner, and François Roubaud. A recent replication study of research by Crépon, Devoto, Duflo, and Parienté received much attention with the awarding of the Nobel Prize in Economics to Esther Duflo.
IREE is the only journal in economics completely devoted to replications. It is listed on the AEA’s Resources for Economists on the Internet under “Replication Studies” (see below).
A key element of IREE’s mission is to publish high quality replications regardless of the outcome. That is, both successful and failed replication attempts are welcome. All that matters is that the research is an honest and competent attempt to verify the correctness, robustness, and generalizability of single empirical findings.
Topics of replicated studies may be within Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Experimental Economics, Finance, and Management. IREE also accepts replication studies from adjacent disciplines that are closely related to economics.
Guidelines for authors are posted here. Key items include:
– Replicators need to have informed the original authors about the replication prior to submission.
– In the case of a failed replication, replicators should make a good faith effort with the original authors to reconcile any discrepancies. A copy of the correspondence should be kept and provided upon request from the journal.
– Replicators are required to submit their data and programming code along with their manuscript for review. Upon acceptance, the data and code will be permanently stored in a publicly accessible data archive.
IREE is an e-journal and articles are published continuously. Publications are instantly available at IREE’s website and distributed via EconStor and RePEc’s EconPapers and IDEAS. All article are open access and there are no publishing fees.
To see a list of replication studies published by IREE, click here.
Finally, should you want a quick assessment if your replication study is appropriate for IREE, you can contact the managing editor, Martina Grunow,
To learn more about the journal, click here.
The bottom line is this: If you or your students are considering publishing a replication study, consider IREE!

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