Hear Top Open Science Researchers Talk about Research Transparency in Weekly Webcasts

Every week for 9 weeks you can hear leaders in research transparency talk about their latest thinking on how to make statistical research open, reproducible, and credible. To learn more, see the schedule below and click on each speaker to learn details.
The webcasts are sponsored by Project TIER and will be streamed every Friday at 1:00 pm (Eastern Standard Time, USA), from February 7 through April 3.
Registration is free, but you need to register to access the live stream. 
More information and a link to registration can be found here.
Victoria Stodden
To Be Announced
Gary King
Statistically Valid Inferences from Privacy Protected Data
Michele Nuijten
Checking Robustness in 4 Steps
Daniel Lakens
Falsifying Predictions in Practice
Scott Long
A Computing Workflow for Reproducible Results
Dorothy Bishop
Why Scientific Reasoning is Hard: The Role of Cognitive Constraints in Biasing Our Reasoning
Lars Vilhuber
Replication and Reproducibility in Social Sciences and Statistics: Context, Concerns, and Concrete Measures
Keith Baggerly
The Importance of Reproducibility in High-Throughput Biology: Case Studies in Forensic Bioinformatics
Elise Wange Sonne
Promoting Research and Transparency and Reproducibility Through Capacity-Building Trainings Across Sub Saharan Africa and Europe: Lessons Learned and Way Forward.


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