QRP: The Board Game

[Excerpts taken from the “QRP Game Rules”, by Roger Giner-Sorolla, posted at OSF]
“A game of scientific discovery, careers, and reform for 2-6 players or teams.”
“You, the players, are researchers using sampling statistics to find out more about a yes/no Research Topic.”
“In each of three Rounds, you’ll take turns performing and reporting Experiments, discovering part of the unknown composition of that round’s Evidence Deck.”
“You can also publish your Experiments to gain Prestige points. As you carry out your Experiment, you may commit Fraud, bluffing about your data to improve your chances of being Published. But other players can Investigate you if they don’t believe your findings!”
“There are severe penalties for Fraud, but also penalties for wrongfully Investigating an honest player.”
“Most Experiments also allow for selective reporting of findings (questionable research practices, or QRPs). These can also be Investigated, but with lower stakes.”
“As the game progresses, players introduce Reforms that change the rules of experiments, publishing and Prestige.”
“Reforms move the game towards a science that serves the truth, and away from one that rewards exaggerating positive results.”
“At the end of the Round, new Reforms are introduced, and players advance along the Career Track according to the Prestige they have scored.”
“The game ends after the third Round. Who wins? The player with the most advanced career, or if tied, with the most Prestige in the final Topic.”
To learn more about the game, click here.

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