Does Peer Review Ensure Scientific Integrity? Should it? Can it?

[From the article “The changing forms and expectations of peer review” by Serge Horbach and Willem Halffman, published in Research Integrity and Peer Review, 2018, 3:8] This is a wonderful article that provides a comprehensive discussion of peer review in…

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How Major Publishers Implement TOP’s Open Data Policies

[From the article, “The Landscape of Open Data Policies” by David Mellor, published at the Center for Open Science blogsite] “TOP [Transparency and Openness Promotion] includes eight policies for publishers or funders to use to increase transparency. They include data transparency,…

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Bitcoin’s All the Rage…in Science

[From the article “Technology behind bitcoin could aid science, report says” posted online at Physics Today] “Blockchain, the technology behind the popular digital currency bitcoin, has the potential to transform research and the science publishing landscape. That’s the conclusion of…

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