Replication Leads to High Profile Retraction

[Excerpts are taken from the article “Retracted: Risk Management in Financial Institutions” by Adriano Rampini, S. Viswanathan, and Guillaume Vuillemey, published in the Journal of Finance]

“The authors hereby retract the above article, published in print in the April 2020 issue of The Journal of Finance. A replication study finds that the replication code provided in the supplementary information section of the article does not reproduce some of the central findings reported in the article.”

“Upon reexamination of the work, the authors confirmed that the replication code does not fully reproduce the published results and were unable to provide revised code that does. Therefore, the authors conclude that the published results are not reliable and that the responsible course of action is to retract the article and return the Brattle Group Distinguished Paper Prize that the article received.”

To read the article, click here

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