Want to Be In on the Final Stage of the SCORE Project? A Call for Collaborators from COS

The SCORE project is entering its final phase of conducting reproductions (repeating the original analysis with original data) and replications (testing the same claim with new data) on a stratified random sample of claims from papers across the social-behavioral sciences.

Here is your opportunity to contribute to these efforts for non-human subjects research (non-HSR) work, meaning projects that use existing data and do not require any additional IRB review steps. We’d love to have your collaboration! 

This spreadsheet contains all of the non-HSR projects available, with different tabs corresponding to different project categories.

This announcement outlines the different project categories at a high level. More details can be found in this explanation of our terminology, as well as specific instructions tailored for replication projects (DARs) and reproduction projects.

There are six project categories, depending on two factors: the type of data used and the number of claims selected.

Data types: (i) Datasets provided by the author (PBR/ADR), (ii) Original observations reconstructed from the underlying data sources (SDR), and (iii) New observations that were not already analyzed in the original article (DAR)

Number of claims: (i) Just one claim per article (singe-trace) and (ii) A minimum of five claims per article (bushel), unless fewer are available.

We have identified the most feasible projects in separate tabs. We highly encourage collaborators to review these projects first. Projects are highly feasible if we already have the data in hand, or if we’ve identified the data sources as relatively simple to obtain.

Finally, we have included a column in each tab labeled ‘high_incentive,’ coded as yes or no. If a project is coded as ‘yes,’ it means the payment for completing the project will be higher than other projects from the same category. The full set of payments can be found here.

Your next steps

Select one or more projects you anticipate being able to complete, by adding your name in the respective signup cell. Please consider whether you’ll be able to obtain the necessary materials before signing up.

After signing up but before submitting the commitment form, please confirm you can access all of the necessary materials to complete the project. If this requires author data that COS does not currently have but that you think could be made available, please do not reach out to the authors directly. Instead, please contact COS for assistance in getting in touch with the authors.

After you have obtained all of the materials necessary to begin your project, please complete the commitment form linked in the spreadsheet, after which someone from COS will provide you access to an OSF project and preregistration form.

Please keep the following privacy statement in mind as you complete these steps: Other teams are making predictions about the outcomes of many different studies, not knowing which studies have been selected for replication/reproduction. As a consequence, the success of this project requires full confidentiality of the research process. This includes privacy about which studies have been selected for replication and all aspects of the discussion about these replication designs.

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