Have Registered Reports Uncovered Massive Publication Bias? Evidence from Psychology

[Excerpts taken from the preprint, “An excess of positive results: Comparing the standard Psychology literature with Registered Reports” by Anne Scheel, Mitchell Schijen, and Daniël Lakens, posted at PsyArXiv] “Registered Reports (RRs) are a new publication format…Before collecting data, authors…

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Reproducibility crisis? What reproducibility crisis?

[From the opinion article, “Is science really facing a reproducibility crisis, and do we need it to?” by Daniele Fanelli, published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS)] “Efforts to improve the reproducibility and integrity of science are typically…

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Concerned about publication bias? Use a critical t-value of 3

A new paper by GARRET CHRISTENSEN,  JUSTIN MCCRAY and DANIELE FANELLI in PLOS ONE suggests an alternative to using conventional t-values when researchers are concerned about publication bias.  From the Abstract: “Publication bias leads consumers of research to observe a selected sample…

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