A Must-Read on the Statistical Analysis of Replications

[Excerpts taken from the article, “The Statistics of Replication” by Larry Hedges, pubished in the journal Methodology] Background “Some treatments of replication have defined replication in terms of the conclusions obtained by studies (e.g., did both studies conclude that the…

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Your Definition of Replication is (Probably) Wrong

[From the preprint, “What is Replication?” by Brian Nosek and Tim Errington, posted at MetaArXiv Preprints] “According to common understanding, replication is repeating a study’s procedure and observing whether the prior finding recurs…This definition of replication is intuitive, easy to…

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Gelman Post on “Failure of Failure to Replicate” a Great Read

Andrew Gelman had a great post yesterday that highlights a major issue — a really major issue — with replication. The problem is, there is no commonly accepted definition of what a “replication” is. Even when a definition is provided,…

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